Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye Tonsils!!!

Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers for Samantha's surgery yesterday.  I won't lie and say it was the best day she's ever had, but all things considered she did a wonderful job!!!  The doctor and the anesthesiologist even complimented her - they said she was the most "prepared" 3 year old they had ever seen.  She walked back to the OR by herself and even put on her own "space mask."  My little roo was so brave; I am such a proud mommy!

Here's some pics:

 In the pre-op room, in our hospital gown

 Not a happy camper when we first woke up...

 MUCH happier after a few popsicles!!

 Going for a stroll down the hall - Dad pushed her IV pole :)

 Sporting our Cinderella pajamas and robe (oh, and the IV pole)

 The next morning - getting ready to go home!!!

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