Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sibling Class

We took Samantha to sibling class at the hospital this past Saturday.  We thought it would be a good idea for her to go - they teach you things like how to properly hold a baby, and how to change a diaper - and I know you're thinking "why didn't you just teach her this stuff?".  But - you should've seen the big grin on her face when we told her we were taking her to a special big sister class.  That face alone was worth the $20!

But they also discussed some stuff we didn't even think about - like, how when baby cries in the night you need to stay in your bed and sleep so you can help mommy and daddy during the day - I think that was my favorite!!!  The nurses took them to the nursery to show them the "real" babies, and also showed them "mommy's hospital bedroom" so they would know where mommy would stay when they came to have the baby.  They made birthday cards for their new siblings, and made a black and white puppet toy (babies can only see in black and white at first), and on top of all that - we won a new booster car seat!  That was pretty neat because I never win anything!!!

Here are some pics:

"So, THIS is what Morgan is going to look like??"

Learning to change a diaper - first, we wash our hands

"Am I doing this right??"

Clean diapers = happy babies!  Great job big sister!!!!!

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