Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommy - WOW - I'm a Big Kid Now!

Here it is - Samantha's big girl room!!!

And yes, for the record, I cried twice yesterday.  Once when they finished delivering the furniture and again after I put her to bed in her new room for the first time - she's not my baby anymore :(

But she LOVES her new room and the look on her face is absolutely priceless.

I can't fit the whole room in one shot because of the angle of the door, but this is most of it

The bed and nightstand

Another shot - this time with more bed showing.  I LOVE this curtain.  Can you say Target?? :)

Her big girl dresser - this thing is HUGE!

A side bed shot - we brought up her foot stool so she could climb in bed easier, and it's pink so it matches :)

The priceless reaction

Trying out our big girl bed

This was when she asked if she could sleep in her big girl room last night - how can you say no to this face??

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