Tuesday, August 2, 2011

26 Weeks

Almost to the third trimester!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  17lb - yup, I'm a porker

Maternity Clothes:  Absolutely, and starting to get a bit snug....

Gender:  Another beautiful baby girl!!!  Miss Morgan Elizabeth

Movement:   Yes; she put on a performance for my mother on her birthday.

Sleep:  I broke down and bought one of those expensive maternity pillows Sunday, and have had two pretty decent nights sleep since then :)  Well worth the money.

What I Miss:  Having a variety of things to pick from to wear; my clothing options are dwindling.

Symptoms:  Well....today I have a bit of a list.  I had my checkup this morning and did not get that great of a report card.  My blood pressure is up and my hemoglobin is lower than normal.  My uterus is also measuring 2 weeks AHEAD of schedule.  Not sure what that means exactly, but...needless to say, I should've prayed for a healthy baby AND a healthy mommy!

Best Moment(s) the past two weeks:  Watching "The Morgan Show" on my mom's birthday - she was moving all over the place, showing everyone what she could do!

Worst Moment the past two weeks:   Probably today's checkup - the yucky glucose drink made me sick and subsequently I was a little dehydrated when they did the blood draw, requiring two sticks.  I will have results from my glucose tolerance test in the next day or so but at the rate I'm going...please just keep me in your prayers - Owen, Sam, and Morgan need me to stay healthy!

Favorite Husband Moment:     I have to change this section to "Favorite Samantha Moment" this week.  The other day, I was having some round ligament pains and Owen told me to sit in the recliner and put my feet up and relax, and he told Samantha that SHE was in charge of making sure I stayed in the recliner.  Last night, Samantha told me I needed to "sit in the recliner and relax and put my feet up".  She and Owen take such good care of me!! :)

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