Monday, June 20, 2011

Tomorrow's the BIG day!!!

We are getting SUPER excited about our big ultrasound tomorrow!!!  I can't believe it's finally here.  Not only am I looking forward to finding out if we have ourselves a Morgan ROBERT or a Morgan ELIZABETH, but just in general, I'm looking forward to seeing Morgan!!!  I can feel him/her moving around more frequently, which always brings a smile to my face and helps take some of the worry away.

Our appointment is at 3:50pm Central time.  I know you guys are going to be DYING to know, so make sure to check back here late Tuesday/early Wednesday for my 20 week update and gender reveal!!!!!

Have you voted in my poll???  There's only a few hours left!!!   Please let me know what you think!  BOY is still in the lead. 

Can't decide?  Here is something I've noticed about Morgan - he/she is NOT a big sweets fan....which reminds me a lot of Owen because if you guys know me, you know I love me a good cupcake and I haven't even wanted one in ages....but, that being said....I LOVE ice cream and couldn't stand it the first trimester with Samantha and we see how that one turned out.  Who knows.

One thing I do know for SURE is that the three of us are going to see Morgan tomorrow, and even if this baby has 4 legs and a trunk, we will love him/her just the same :)

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