Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Last Trip - Just the Three of Us

It's so hard to believe that we're planning our last family vacation for only 3 people!  For many years, Owen and I (and sometimes my sister and her husband) have made a long weekend getaway to Lake Hamilton (Hot Springs, AR) each summer.  We started the tradition for our first anniversary and have continued it just about each year since getting married 7 years ago.  We try to go around our anniversary; sometimes we go earlier, sometimes later...but we always go.  We stay near the lake and rent a boat...it's fabulous.  I tell Samantha that she was in my tummy when she took her first trip to the lake!!  And now it's Morgan's turn.

Again this year we are making our long weekend trek to the lake for our anniversary weekend.  We didn't know it at the time, but when we went last year we were pregnant with Lil' Bean, and...well, you guys all know all about what's happened since then.  Last year we went by ourselves for our first long weekend alone since Samantha was born.  We decided this year we would take her with us - A - because we went to Branson last month without her, and B - because this will be our last family trip as a family of 3.  I managed to snag a decent room at a hotel we've frequented there - The Staybridge Suites.  We like staying here because it's close to the lake but not far from the "main street" in historic downtown Hot Springs, plus we have room for Samantha to have her own bed and we also get a mini kitchen, which is handy to have to make lunch for taking on the boat.  Here is a shot of our hotel:

Looks nice, doesn't it?? 

We plan to leave Friday morning (for those of you not local, it's only about a 3 hour drive from here) so that we can spend Friday afternoon in the shops in historic downtown Hot Springs.  They have a toy store that Samantha likes, and a specialty foods shop that I really enjoy.  PLUS, we can visit one of our two MUST GO restaurants, which is on the strip - Angel's Italian Restaurant.  I have NEVER had a better bowl of spaghetti and meatballs!!!

Saturday morning, we are up and to the lake.  Wouldn't YOU want to spend all day here??

And yes, it really is that nice...as long as it's not raining!

Saturday evening, we will eat at our second favorite restaurant, Fisherman's Wharf, which is right on the lake.  They have an outdoor deck that jets out over the water, and Samantha LOVES to feed the fish, ducks, and turtles that swim up.  They also happen to have EXCELLENT fried pickles and shrimp, and not a bad carrot cake either if I do say so myself...

I'm so looking forward to this trip to spend a little more time with Samantha and Owen before Morgan gets here.  I'm already planning our first trip as a family of 4 - yup, you guessed it, we're going back to Disney!!  More details to come :)


  1. It looks beautiful there! How fun. Hope you get some relaxation in and enjoy yourselves!

  2. Enjoy your trip! That sounds like so much fun.