Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Ready

I bet you guys were starting to wonder about me...

Quell those fears, folks!  Me and Miss Morgan are doing just fine; it's just been a hectic week and I haven't had much time to write about all that is going on.  Let me try to catch you guys up!!!

This past Saturday I spent the day prepping our guest room to be transformed into Samantha's BIG GIRL ROOM!  The guest room closet had become my place to "store all" and I had stuff in there that was so old it wasn't even funny!  It was neat going through all of that and throwing away stuff and keeping those precious momentos.  I can proudly annouce that Samantha's big girl closet is ready for HER clothes now!!!  She was such a good helper too.  Now I just need Owen to go through a few boxes of his junk and we'll have the room cleared out and ready to paint!

I've been stressing over furniture for Samantha.  I wanted to buy nice furniture that she will be able to use for a long time.  Of course, the nicer furniture also costs more, but I don't mind paying for it if she will use it for years, as opposed to the MDF stuff that costs $100 that will break the first time she attempts to jump on the bed.  I've looked at quite a few local places (Ashley Furniture, Great American Homestore, Value City Furniture, and Haverty's for those of you local) and didn't fall in love with anything.  I was really getting discouraged, especially since I was running out of options and Owen has been pretty adamant about NOT driving 1 hour away to Selmer to visit Henco (even though it's "worth the drive"...), so yesterday on my day off my sister and I went to Bartlett Home Furnishings and BINGO - I hit the jackpot.  I found 3 sets there that I REALLY liked, and the best part is I can order them in one of 6 finishes, so Owen and I can finish "arguing" over white versus dark wood finish!!!  I personally think the white would look better with the paint scheme we have picked out and the bedding, but....he's not exactly agreeing with me :) 

Next step - get the chair rail molding painted and up and then get the room painted so we can get Miss Sam into her big girl room!  She's pestering us non stop to paint it - she's ready, which I guess I shouldn't complain about!!!  I can't wait to post pics!

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