Wednesday, June 22, 2011

20 Weeks and...the Gender Reveal!!!!

How many of you have been glued to this blog since yesterday waiting for this post??? Sorry to keep you waiting!!

First off, I have to say a big thank you to all of you for voting in my poll!! It was my first poll attempt and I am pleased with how it turned out. The poll is now officially closed, and as you can see, the majority of you think Morgan is a boy!!! Now, don't you skip further down to cheat and find out if you were right; that's not fair! I promise you, the big news is coming.

Here it is, my 20 week update and the much anticipated gender reveal!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  10lb - eek!!!  I'm huge already!!!

Maternity Clothes:  Absolutely!

Gender:  Drum roll please......................

Samantha has told us ALL along that this was Baby Girl Morgan, and well...I guess we should've listened!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Meet Miss Morgan Elizabeth Smith

She has LONG legs and BIG feet - she's a Smith girl alright!  She waved hello at us, and moved around a lot, especially when her big sister was talking to her.  We love her so much already!!!

Movement:  Yes, it seems I have a little gymnast in here!  During our ultrasound yesterday she had the hiccups; I can't wait until I can feel those too!

Sleep:  Yes, for the most part.  Althought several nights here lately I've been having a hard time going to sleep.  What is up with that??  I've NEVER had sleeping problems.

What I Miss:  I must confess this week that I was really missing an alcoholic beverage after a crazy week at work!   

Symptoms:  I have had some KILLER headaches the past few days.  I mean, debilitating, can't function headaches.  I never had this with Samantha but I read that it's pretty common. 

Best Moment(s) the past two weeks:  Hands down, yesterday's ultrasound.  Not only was it neat getting to see Morgan and watching her move around, but it was so awesome to watch Samantha taking it all in.  She's going to be such a great big sister!

Worst Moment the past two weeks:   Tuesday night's headache put me to bed.  I cried, I screamed at was bad.  I felt SO horrible.  I hope I NEVER EVER have a headache that bad again.

Favorite Husband Moment:  Last night we were heading to bed and Owen gave me a hug and said "Good night honey" and then he rubbed my tummy and said "good night little girl"....AWW, melt my heart.

And, as promised - a belly pic!  (Just for you, Caroline!)

Now, I am not a great photographer by any means and this shot was taken with my cell phone (as seen in the pic) and trying to get my best side so that I didn't look like the goodyear blimp was really hard to do!!!  But here it is:

That's Samantha's puppy - aptly named, Chocolate Girl Puppy - making a cameo :)

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