Monday, June 6, 2011

18 Weeks...and a POLL!!!

You guessed it - it's time for my biweekly pregnancy update!!!  A new addition to the blog this time is a POLL - I'm so proud of myself for putting this thing together, I have to add :)  But more on that below!!!

We have reached the 18 week mark and me and Baby Morgan are doing great!!!  Here are the highlights:

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  As of last Tuesday (my self-proclaimed "official weigh-in day"), I had gained 6lb.  Not too shabby.

Maternity Clothes:  You bet.  As a matter of fact, I had to bust out the maternity shorts this weekend; it has been hotter than you know what in Memphis and my only fear is that it isn't even officially summer yet, so how much hotter is it going to get???!!!

Gender:  Samantha changes her mind daily - some days, it's Baby Girl Morgan, others it's Baby Boy Morgan.  To be honest, my motherly intuition has not kicked in on this topic.  I think after what all we've been through, my mind and heart just want a healthy baby - period.  Plus, my intution with Samantha told me she was a boy, and well, you see how right I was on that one.  Which brings me to my poll - I want YOU, my wonderful friends and readers, to tell me what YOU think!!!  So, off to the right side you'll see the gender poll - cast your vote for Baby Boy Morgan or Baby Girl Morgan!  I will keep the poll open for two weeks.  I'm very curious and anxious to know what you guys think!!!

Movement:  YES!!!  So happy with each little kick I get - you move around all you want Morgan, it just makes mommy feel better to be able to feel you and know you're ok!!

Sleep:  Yes, but my sleep is being interrupted these days by calls of nature....argh.

What I Miss:  I still find myself really tired a lot.  I thought my energy would come back full swing once I hit the second trimester????  Oh well.  I took an hour nap yesterday and found that I had much more energy to do stuff at the house in the evening.  I wonder if my boss would allow me to take naps daily??? 

Symptoms:  This heat is REALLY killing me.  As a matter of fact, I got kinda dizzy yesterday from getting overheated - and I was in our HOUSE!!!  I read that it is common at this stage to experience dizziness and to stay hydrated, which - to be honest - I hadn't had any water when this happened yesterday, so I am making a conscious effort to drink a lot and start earlier in the day.

Best Moment(s) the past two weeks:  Realizing for the first time that I was feeling baby movements and NOT gas - I can't even begin to tell you how reassuring each little kick is!!!  Also, I went shopping on Friday with my sister to look for furniture for Samantha - she is SO excited to be moving into a big girl room!!!  I ordered her bedding last week also.  Once we finish the master bathroom redo, we'll be moving on to her room; I'll be sure to post before and after pics!

Worst Moment the past two weeks:   For this my vote goes to yesterday morning when I almost passed was very scary and I certainly don't want to have to be taken to the hospital!!!  I've already had almost 3 glasses of water so far today, so I am trying to not get that way every again!!

Favorite Husband Moment:  As I've mentioned, it is BLOODY HOT here in Memphis right now, so I am wearing shorts and capris whenever possible.  That being said, I don't wanna be walking around with hairy legs showing but shaving is getting to be an almost impossible task to accomplish.  Yesterday, Owen offered to help me shave.  Is he not the BEST husband???!!!  And he didn't even cut me.  That's true love right there.

Maybe next time I update I'll have the courage to post a belly pic???  Until then, don't forget to cast your vote!!!!!


  1. Owen is so sweet. And I voted.

  2. Thanks Caroline!!! He's a keeper :)

  3. Aw, what a sweet guy! Brent has offered to do the same thing for me as far as shaving goes...but he wasn't offering to do my legs. He was offering to do another difficult to reach area. LOL! And that is all I'll say ;)