Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for an update!

 I know, I know - I promised you I'd keep you more up to date on this pregnancy and so far I haven't really been living up to my word!!!!  We've been super busy at the Smith house.  As you can see, recital was weekend before last (STILL super proud of my big girl!!!) and this past weekend we started whittling away at the massive "To Do Before November 5th" list, so time is slipping away from me needless to say.

How about I make it up to you with a little pregnancy update???!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  To be honest - I'm not really sure.  I haven't weighed myself in almost a week, but when I did last weigh in, it would put me at a 3.5lb gain.

Maternity Clothes:  Yup, still wearing them and LOVING my full panel jeans that I got on clearance at Kohls for $11 (they are normally about $50, I was so excited).

Gender:  Samantha still insists this is "Baby Girl Morgan", but we'll find out in about 3 weeks!!!  We have decided on the name Morgan regardless of the gender, and have middle names picked out to go with it depending on whether we have a girl or a boy.  Anyone want to venture a guess?

Movement:  Pretty sure I've felt a few movements in the past week - unless, of course, it was gas, which would be disappointing....

Sleep:  Yes, and would love some more.

What I Miss:  Having energy.  This kid is zapping me of my will to do just about anything.

Symptoms:  Still really tired.  I mean, seriously, come 9:30, I have met the end of my day and say hello to my eyelids.  I thought for sure this would start to taper at the end of the first trimester, but it really hasn't.

Best Moment(s) the past two weeks:  Ok, I have two moments to share, SUPER cute.  First, Samantha loves to say hi to the baby every morning.  She will usually pat my belly and say "hello baby" and then (here's the best part), she'll put her hand on her heart, then touch my tummy and say "I give my heart to you Baby Morgan."  Is that not precious???!!!  The other super cute moment was this past Saturday when me and my sister were cleaning out Samantha's closet and swapping 3T clothes for 4T - Samantha, of course, wants to help.  I'd hand her the clothes to hand to my sister, who would pack them up in my totes for me.  Each time I handed her something, she would say "This will look good on the baby.  We will put it on her, and take her to town, and everyone will see how beautiful she is."  I'm talking EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING.  It was so stinkin' precious.

Worst Moment the past two weeks:  That would have to be today.  I had to have a root canal this morning :(  They numbed me very well but now that the numbing meds have started to wear off, I am extremely sore and can't have ibuprofen - dangit.

Favorite Husband Moment:  Just about anytime Owen tells me to go sit and he'll take care of it...just love those moments :)

That's about all I have for now!!!  I'm off to attempt to eat dinner - at least I can feel the other half of my face so that the food doesn't slide out the other side of my mouth....and yes, that happened to me with my lunch...

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  1. Yay! Love your update! Hope you're feeling better tonight :)