Monday, May 16, 2011

Samantha's First Dance Recital

I have to start by saying that I am SO SO proud of my big girl and the great job she did at her first dance recital Saturday!!!!  It was a LONG day, and she was a real trooper.  I had heard from several people before Saturday that usually, with younger ones, one or two will freeze up on stage or cry and get scared but I am happy to report that Samantha and her whole class did their dances and smiled and had a great time!!!  We cheered extra loud for them!

Here are some pics!  We couldn't take pictures during the recital itself (no flash photography - it distracts the dancers) so these were all taken before or after.  Please accept my profound apologies that some of these are sideways...not really sure why...

 Samantha and Madison getting ready backstage

My little star!!

Playing with some of the big girls backstage during intermission

Ready for the big ballet!

 After the recital, with flowers from Mommy and Daddy for a job well done!

After-recital lunch at her favorite restaurant :)

 Samantha tells me she can't wait for fall to start dance again!!!  I'm laughing on the inside because Owen told me he'd coach an entire soccer league to not have to sit through another whole recital....ROFLMAO.  Sorry Dad, this girl wants to be a ballerina!!!!!

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