Sunday, May 8, 2011

Samantha's Birthday Present

I know what you're thinking...Kristen, it's a bit early to be shopping for birthday presents when the child's birthday isn't until November.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...but, if you know me, you know I can't pass up a good deal when I see one! 

Samantha has been asking for something special for awhile now, and it looks like we are finally going to be blessed enough to give it to her for her birthday this year.

And no - it's not a trip to Disney World, although she does ask constantly to go back and we do have a trip in the works for next fall.

Have you figured it out yet???

I knew you'd catch on ;)

That's right - Samantha is FINALLY going to be a big sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am officially 14 weeks and 1 day today.  Baby Smith is due November 5th.  And for those of you that recall, yes, that is the SAME date Samantha was due 4 years ago.  Let's just hope they don't end up with the same birthday!

I'm sorry I've kept this secret until now, but after our two heartbreaking losses last year, we decided to keep this one just between us until the 2nd trimester, which I officially hit April 30th!  And then, I thought - why not wait one more week and make it a special Mother's Day announcement??? 

So far everything is going well!  We have been very closely monitored by my doctor and we have had a few scares early on but Baby Smith is a real trooper!  He/she even waved hello to us at this ultrasound, almost as if to say "I'm doing just fine in here, don't worry!" 

I wish I could post our big long 14 week story but it would take you FOREVER to read it, so instead - how about a little pregnancy update??

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  2lb gain - so proud of that given that I'm starting this pregnancy 30lb heavier than I was this time last year...

Maternity Clothes:  Absolutely.  As a matter of fact, my hips didn't shrink back down after the second miscarriage so I've been sporting the belly band and maternity pants since Thanksgiving...I've started adding a few longer shirts and maternity shirts to cover the belly.

Gender:  If you ask Samantha, it's a girl ;)  But we'll find out next month!

Movement:  Not yet, still a little too early.

Sleep:  YES - just wish I could get more.

What I Miss:  Being able to exercise.  I haven't really been able to since we've had a few close calls and I'm just now getting back into light activity (aka walking).  I starting doing some upper torso and leg strength training a few weeks ago so I don't turn to all flab.

Symptoms:  TIRED.  Oh, and tired.  And say, did I mention I'm tired????  Good grief I could sleep all day.  Thankfully that and a little bit of heartburn and that's all - I didn't have any symptoms really with Samantha, so I haven't really expected different even though I know each pregnancy is different.

Best Moment(s) the past two weeks: Telling our parents.  Yes, we kept it secret from them too!! 

Worst Moment the past two weeks:  I don't think this behavior has just cropped up in the past two weeks, but I'm tired of being so paranoid.  Every little cramp, I run to the bathroom.  I just wish I weren't so scared so I could enjoy this pregnancy more.

Favorite Husband Moment:  Owen is probably just as scared as I am, but he holds himself together much better than I do!  We've had several good moments this pregnancy - from finding out we were pregnant to seeing the first ultrasound, then seeing the second ultrasound and praying the whole time that the baby was ok...but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with the other day I was in the bathroom and saw we had run out of toilet paper, so I called out to him - he came hurriedly and looked at me and said "are you ok, is the baby ok?"  I cracked a smile and told him I just needed him to bring more toilet paper ;)  Such a sweetie!

I promise to keep you guys in the loop from now on!!!  Until then, let the countdown to November begin!!!!!


  1. SO SO SO SO HAPPY for the Smiths!!!

  2. So excited for you. November 5 is a great day. It's Fred's birthday! :)