Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Filling

We experienced more bad weather in the Mid-South last night, plagued with tornado watches and warnings for a majority of the evening.  What's bad is that my 3 year old is now very aware of what a tornado is, and what we do when we think one is coming - that's right, we "hide" in the hallway and hall closet. 

We were very blessed last night that no tornadoes actually touched down in our area - but there were funnel clouds spotted.  As a matter of fact, we got a REALLY good view of this one right from our own front yard:

Owen took this picture while we were inside, and then he came inside to get me and Samantha saying "You have GOT to see this."  By the time she and I made it outside, it had funneled even more and was very clearly rotating.  It was really an awesome sight - we are just very, VERY thankful that it did not touch down anywhere.

The highlight of our evening?  Watching "wall to wall storm coverage" on every local channel.  At one point we are watching the newest tornado watches and warnings and I had this dialogue with Samantha:

Samantha:  "Mommy, do you know what that is?"  (they are currently showing the tornado watch and warning boxes on the radar - red for warning, orange for watch)

Me:  (playing dumb) "No, Samantha, what is that?"

Samantha:  "The red boxes, those are BIG (LOTS of emphasis here) tornadoes.  And the orange boxes, that's the filling for the tornadoes."

Me:  (trying not to laugh)  "Filling for the tornadoes??"

Samantha:  "Yes, they have orange filling."

Is that not the most precious thing EVER???  Just love her :)