Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesday

Week # 2 of 5 dinners in 1 hour has been quite successful so far.  I have to admit - not having to spend the time planning out my menus has been rather nice!!!  And since there's been at least 1 menu item each week that I knew would not go over well with my family, I've been able to plug in some of our family favorites - much like I will be doing next week.

So, without further adieu, next week's menu:

1.  Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with chips- might make one without the hot sauce for Samantha, but as for me and Owen - BRING IT ON.

2.  Chicken breasts & veggies with mashed potatoes- this recipe originally called for chicken legs but - again - not a big fan of the dark meat. 

3.  Sausage & potatoes with green salad and broccoli - I am super excited about this one.  My mom used to make a dish similar to this one when I was younger and I LOVED it.  We will be using smoked turkey sausage of course.

4.  Chicken Apple Sausages with french fries - Here you see I've inserted a family fav in place of slow cooked egg, ham and potato casserole (uhm...NO).  PLUS - it will give Owen a chance to play on his new grill he's getting tomorrow.  Well, new to him anyways.  My brother-in-law is giving us his old one, which is not really that old and in really great condition and sure beats the heck out of our current one!

5.  Italian Pizza Bake - Another family fav that is new to this blog.  I'm replacing build your own tostadas with this because I'm not really in a Mexican kind of mood today.  This recipe came off the back of a box of Heart Healthy Bisquick and it is SO yummy.  We like it better with sausage rather than chicken and for the most part - it tastes just like a pizza but it's a little bit healthier.  Most importantly - Samantha eats the crap out of it.  I'm sold.

There you have it!  What's on your menu for next week??

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