Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Last week I reported that I decided to do a trial week of Michelle's 5 meals in 1 hour to see if her system would work for the Smith Family, and I am happy to report - so far, so good!!!  I was a bit skeptical of the chicken and broccoli bake but surprisingly, even Owen thought it was good - AND - he ate two helpings of salad!!!  I almost fell out of my chair.  Due to an unpleasant situation that forced me to go into work for an hour on Sunday, I was unable to do all of the prep work like Michelle lays out in her plan, but I hope to be able to do that this week.

So, we are going to give this a shot for another week!!!  Here is what's in store for us next week:

1.  Teriyaki pork chops with rice and broccoli - have I mentioned that we call these chicken chops to Samantha because for some reason she has a pork aversion???  She says she doesn't like it but she will usually eat "chicken" chops very well.  Silly girl :)

2.  BBQ Chicken with baked beans and baked potatoes - this recipe actually calls for wings but I am not a dark meat fan, so I will be using chicken tenders instead.  Plus, one package of chicken tenders will usually last us two meals, and they are generally cheaper than chicken breasts.  A penny saved is a penny earned!!!

3.  Ham Pot Pie and salad- now my family will eat UP a pot pie, I'm hoping just because it's ham and not chicken that that doesn't deter us this week!  This recipe even calls for hashbrowns inside, and who doesn't love potatoes??

4.  Meatball subs and chips- YUM!  I still have some leftover frozen meatballs from out meatball stew a few weeks ago.  Sounds delicious!

5.  Brown Sugar Bourbon Chicken with sauteed green beans and rolls - NO, this was NOT on Michelle's menu.  But I knew the slow cooked beef and ravioli soup would not go over well at our house, so....we're making a slight modification to the menu :)  I will still have chicken to use after using half the package for BBQ chicken earlier in the week, I already have this marinade, and well, I LOVE Owen's sauteed green beans!!!  I also bought some Hawaiian dinner rolls when they were on sale this past weekend at Kroger for $1.  They're good for a few weeks so we'll be eating them before they go stale.  That bread is SO yummy!!!


What's on YOUR menu for next week??

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