Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm back to give you my next week's menu of delicious and healthy dinners.  After last week's total wash on ideas, I have a full 5 days planned for this week!  Thanks again to all of you that helped me with ideas last week, and especially a big thanks to Leslie who recommended I check out the This Mommy Cooks blog; wish I could be more like her!!!

1.  Chicken kabobs with peppers and onions, rice - with warmer weather in our forecast I'm going to make Owen bust out the grill!  I LOVE grilled peppers and onions.  I could eat them all day.  Might need Tums for dessert but MAN, they are so good!

2.  Chicken enchiladas - this recipe is courtesy of Lori!  Sans cheese, of course.  But it uses yogurt and is a healthier version, which I am all about.  I'm sure the fam will love them!  And I'll have cheese on the side for Owen and Samantha so they aren't deprived :)

3.  Chicken Apple Sausages with oven-baked tator tots - ok gang, this here is one my biggest weaknesses.  If you have never tried chicken apple sausages, you must go NOW and buy some.  We buy ours at Sams because I get 15 of them (3 packages of 5 each) and I can freeze them then thaw when we are ready to grill, but I have found them at Kroger before as well.

**Note - these are NOT the brand I buy, I just couldn't find another picture.  I'm sure these are just as yummy!**
 4.  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green peas - I've got quite a bit of chicken on the menu, need to throw in some red meat too for our vitamin B12!  I use 93% lean ground beef, seasonings, bread crumbs, and 1 egg white as a binder in my meatloaf and I have to brag on myself - it's pretty yummy!  Owen and Samantha both love it so I consider it a go-to meal that will please the whole family. 

5.  Jambalaya - I bought this Zatarain's mix at Kroger this week.  It was on sale and then I also had a coupon.  I've never had their jambalaya but Owen really wanted to try it.  I will pick up some turkey smoked sausage to add to it.  If we like it, next time I will try to make it from scratch.  I'm really not a big fan of boxed mixes like this because they are LOADED with sodium, but one time won't hurt.

There you have it!  Next week I'll give a review on the chicken enchiladas and the jambalaya.  As always, feel free to ask if you need a recipe or want to share one!

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