Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's for Dinner Wed, uh, Thursday

Sorry for being a date late with this post, but I knew you guys would understand!

We are moving into week 3 of Michelle's 5 dinners in 1 hour menu, and most of the stuff we have tried so far has gone over really well at our house - that sausage and potatoes dish from this week was DELISH, no leftovers whatsoever - but next week's menu....well, needed some tweaking.

So, here it is, next week's menu options:

1.  Sweet 'n sour meatballs with rice and salad - I'm sure this one will go over well, especially with Samantha.  She loves meatballs, and they do a dish similar to this one at her school and she LOVES what she eats at school.

2.  Roast Beef Sandiches with pickle spears and chips - hot roast beef sammie on a weeknight?  Sure.  I might add my own au jus to it and perhaps some sauteed onions for a more "french dip" effect.  On a side note - if you have not tried the French Dip at Lenny's, you should - NOW.

3.  BLT sandwiches with french fries - this is a menu substitute.  I have some turkey bacon we need to use and Owen loves him a BLT.  Samantha will probably have a grilled cheese.

4.  Hamburgers with chips - another menu substitute.  I must be on a sandwich kick this week.  I've noticed so far that Michelle's menu doesn't call for much ground beef usage and this will give Owen another excuse to use the new grill :)

5.  Italian Pizza Bake - another menu substitute that rolled off from this week, thanks to my sister and brother in law hosting us for dinner the other night.  Gave me an extra dinner that I didn't have to use!

What's on your menu for next week?

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