Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Fun at Build-a-Bear

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We had a nice, but short weekend here.  We had a few errands to take care of but for the most part just enjoyed each others company!

We took Samantha to Build-a-Bear on Saturday to use her Free Accessory coupon (it was a gift to her dinosaur, Dina, who turned 1 last week; this is the stuffed animal we made last year at the Build-a-Dino inside TRex at Disney World).  This trip she selected a pink puppy, completely adorned with a bling collar, pink skirt, and pink bows.  Imagine that...

Here are some pics!

Here we are presenting the Build-a-Bear employee with our chosen Pink Puppy

Putting the stuffing in our new Pink Puppy

Patting on the heart to give Pink Puppy a heartbeat

Putting the heart inside Pink Puppy

And I bet you'll NEVER guess what this cute stuffed animal's name is???

That's right - Pink Puppy

She's so original :)

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