Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trying to be Frugal

Not that we are hurting for money by any means, but I have decided to really try hard to be more frugal and stretch every dollar that we have so that we can use the extra money to help pay off outstanding bills, like my car and my school loans (by golly, pharmacy school was EXPENSIVE!). 

One thing I try to do to save money is buy certain things in bulk.  We have a Sam's Club membership and we went there this past weekend to stock up on some things.  I tend to buy all of our paper products there, because I can buy so much of it and it's really not that expensive.  We stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues this past weekend.  While we are there (and if Samantha cooperates), I try to look around for other deals and found a pretty good one on Fiber One 90 Calorie chewy bars; I got a big box of them for around $7.  They are a healthy treat and you usually see them in the store in smaller boxes for almost $4 a box.  We also bought Samantha some NutriGrain bars because she likes to have those some days for breakfast, PLUS having them in the house where they are quick to grab will encourage Owen to eat breakfast (which he doesn't do most days).

As I have mentioned before, we try to go to the Commissary with my in-laws every month or so to stock up on meat.  They have their meat at the cheapest prices I have been able to find.  I stock my freezer with lean ground beef, roast, chicken, porkchops, pork tenderoin, turkey sausage, ground turkey....yes, it is FULL after I make a trip out there!  Just another way I try to save money and always have stuff on hand for dinner.

I have been introduced to some new websites today that I have added to my list of links at the right:  Be Centsable and The Grocery Shrink.  They each have tips and links to coupons; if you're interested in saving money, be sure to check out these websites!  I also found a new blog called My Memphis Mommy that has many similar things, too, including coupons to match the weekly sales ad at local grocery stores.  I love it when someone helps me do all the hard work!

Does anyone have any frugal tips they'd like to share??!!!  Feel free to post below!

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