Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prayer Chain

The past few days I have learned of 3 people that I either know personally or know someone they are connected to that have been affected by cancer.  My grandmother died of lung cancer back in 1995 and I have a cousin who has also had colon cancer but other than that, I have never really been touched so closely by cancer.  I've really considered myself lucky but these three cases have just really hit me close to home and made me realize we cannot take anything for granted.  I thought that losing our two babies last year was bad, but cancer...I just cannot imagine.  I am so very grateful to still have my health, and in as much, I'd like to tell you a little background on each of these three so that the prayer chain for them will continue to grow.

First story is about a little girl named Lucy.  I learned about her at church on Sunday; a girl in our adult group is really good friends with Lucy's mother.  Lucy was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer this past week and is being treated at St. Jude.  I do not have very much information but know that she had tumors removed from all along her spinal cord and she is undergoing chemotherapy.  I look at Samantha and am very thankful that she is so healthy, and I am also very thankful to St. Jude for all the work to do to help save all of these children from such horrible diseases.  Click here to learn more about this wonderful hospital and become a partner in hope.

Second story is about the sister of a good friend of mine.  She had skin cancer and was in remission but they are afraid it is now back and has spread.  She is having a scan today.  She is young and has a young daughter and, again, it hits me close to home because I cannot imagine what I would do if that were me. 

Third story is about a friend of mine that I worked with for several years while I was in pharmacy school.  She was just diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer about a month ago and is undergoing a double mastectomy with reconstruction this Friday.  She has two little boys.  She is only 35 years old.  I think reading about her story last night is what really shook me to the core.  She was always such a fun, carefree person, a great mom to her boys, a great pharmacist...why did this have to happen to her?  And again...if this were me, what would I do?? 

You can click here to visit the American Cancer Society's website and help as they strive to sponsor more birthdays each year.
I post these stories today and ask you to please join me in continuing a prayer chain for each of these ladies, as well as things unspoken that are dwelling on our hearts. 

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