Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday

I'm really starting to love my Wednesday blog!

I really do appreciate all the input and suggestions you guys give me each week; it makes this menu planning task so much easier and fun to do!

Ok, so first off, I'm a bit behind on my reviews.  On our menu last week we had the Mexican Chicken Casserole and the Meatball Stew.  Let me start with the Mexican Chicken Casserole -

You'll recall this recipe came from Rachel and was a Weight Watchers recipe.  Totally easy to make but I had to leave out the cheese and then I forgot sour cream so it didn't have much holding it together.  It still had good flavor but was kinda dry.  I might try it again with the sour cream to see if it holds up better! 

The Meatball Stew was a recipe that came from Lori and - WOW!  The family loved this one.  The ONLY complaint I got was that I did not put enough meatballs in it.  It was so easy to make and I LOVE slow cooker recipes that I can put in a pot and forget about.  I heart my slow cooker!

This is a picture of my ACTUAL slow cooker, by the way...

Again, I seem to have too many meals planned so instead of my usual 5 meals I only had to plan for 4 again this week.  Here's the line-up:

1.  Chicken Pot Pie - I like to make mine individual servings in a ramekin.  I mix thawed frozen mixed vegetables with cubed cooked chicken and cream of chicken soup, put this in a ramekin, and put the topper on it.  I've used refrigerated pie crust for these and also the reduced fat crescent rolls.  This week, I'm going to try a biscuit.  Sounds crazy I know, but I have refrigerated biscuits and I bet it will taste yummy!

2.  Spaghetti - this is my go-to meal when I begin to run out of ideas!  Thanks to my Commissary run a few weeks ago I still have plenty of lean ground beef and we also stocked up on spaghetti sauce while we were there (the Hunt's brand, only $0.75 per can!).  Plus, Samantha LOVES spaghetti, so I can't go wrong with it.  Sometimes I will buy squash or zucchini (if it's in season), dice it up small, and sautee it with my ground beef and some onion to add more veggies to it.  It's delicious!

3.  Sausage Cornbread Bake - this is a meal I have been making since Owen and I got married.  I found the recipe on the back of a cornbread box and it is so yummy!  I try to make it a bit healthier by using turkey sausage instead of pork; you don't miss the flavor! 

4.  Chicken and rice - another slow cooker recipe!  Just love that thing!!!

What's on your menu next week??


  1. I need more slow cooker recipes! I rarely use mine.

  2. @CarolineI use mine a lot more in the wintertime. If you want any of these recipes let me know, I'll be glad to send them to you!

  3. Can I get the recipes for the Mexican chicken casserole and the sausage cornbread? They both sound so good!

    I love your Wednesday posts too! I always read them. I haven't been doing much cooking recently, but plan to start again soon. I love my slow cooker too. It is one of the best inventions!!

  4. Told ya it was good!!! And hey-- you stole my slow cooker!!

  5. @LeslieSure, I'll email them to you this afternoon when I get home. And Lori, it was mine first!!! :)