Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm back at it again this week, bringing you my weekly menu.  A big thank you to everyone for your input last week!  I am adding a few recommendations to the menu this coming week; keep the ideas and recipes coming!!  If you see something here that you need the recipe for, don't be afraid to ask!

First off, I have to give a review on the tortilla soup recipe from this week's menu.  I made it on Sunday and I was very pleased with it.  My local Kroger did not have Anaheim or poblano peppers, so I ended up using 2 jalapenos instead, which gave it a nice kick but not too much.  My only beef with it was - there was barely enough for all 3 of us to have 1 bowl!!!  I will definitely make it again, and either double or triple the recipe. 

So, here's what's for dinner this coming week at the Smith house:

1.  Meatball Stew - this is Lori's recommendation (thanks Lori for the recipe!).  I will be making one, small adjustments to this recipe - NO MUSHROOMS.  It is called a fungus for a one in my house will eat them.

2.  Mexican Chicken Casserole - this was Rachel's recommendation (thanks Rachel!) but I gave it a new name :)    It's a Weight Watchers recipe; LOVE me some Weight Watchers!  I did WW before we got pregnant with Lil' Bean and I have to say - the program WORKS if you stick with it!  There, that's my plug for WW. 

I'll be making one, small adjustment to this recipe as well - gotta leave out the cheese.  I know what you're thinking - that's the best part!  But I can't eat it, so...I will leave it on the table for Owen and Samantha and enjoy my portion without it.  I just like to think of all the calories I am saving by not eating the cheese...

3.  Apple Cranberry Chicken with Herbed Rice - sounds fancy doesn't it???!!!  You'll NEVER believe where I got this recipe...from the back of a Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen dinner box.  Apparently they had some contest and this was the winning recipe. 

4.  Zesty Herb Pork Tenderloin with roasted vegetables - another fancy smancy sounding dinner that's made so simple with our McCormicks Marinade!  I am thinking about using some of the marinade on the vegetables too; planning to go with some potatoes and perhaps some zucchini - that will depend on what's on sale when I get to the grocery store.  Marinade the pork while I'm at work, throw it all in the oven when I get home, and 30 minutes later - dinner is served :)

5.  Something not too fattening for Super Bowl Sunday - I listed this one last on purpose because I'm still not really sure what we're going to have.  I'd love to make chili, but it's supposed to be warm here and chili really tastes better when it's cold.  Owen mentioned making sliders so that might be what we go with.  Anything tasty as we watch the Packers beat the Steelers.  Yes, I just said that.  Go Packers!

Who are you cheering for at your house on Sunday, and what will you be munching on while you do it???


  1. I'm trying to make a grocery list as we speak. Our schedules are not consistent, so I ususally only make dinner 3 times a week. And I usually stick to fish bc that's what I know how to cook, haha!

  2. @MollySloane will eat fish? That's one of the only things I can't get Samantha to eat...I think I'm just not picking the right ones for her to try...

  3. We're having 2 families over for the Bowl -- some of us Go Steelers and some of us Go Packers. Should be an interesting night! We are doing chili b/c it will be cold here. I'm also doing stuffed mushrooms as my healthy alternative to the chips and rotels others will be eating. My planned sweet treats aren't healthy though. :(

  4. Yum. I need to usually shop on Wednesday but with the weather it has been pantry meals. Packers fan here too.