Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey Mr. Grumpy Gills...

Yeah...that's me today.  It's Monday.  And I am GRUMPY!!!  Don't know why...just am I guess. 

The weather here was BEAUTIFUL here this past weekend and I actually got to enjoy a lot of that!

Saturday, after taking Samantha to Kindermusik she and I went to my bestie's mom's house for her Scentsy launch party!!!  So not only was the weather beautiful but I got lots of awesome new scents and warmers for my house!!!  (click here to visit her Scentsy page, feel free to order!  OR, you can wait until next month when I have my basket party and order from me then!  More info to come...)  And then, while Owen was cooking dinner (nice, huh?), I took Samantha to the park.  She got to swing and run and play...she just loves going there and the weather was perfect for it.

And yes, that IS a GiGi's sticker on her shirt.  Because we went there AFTER the Scentsy party :)  In my defense, Samantha wanted to go to "the cupcake store," and I was only happy to oblige.

Yesterday, we went to church and then after lunch and a quick "rest time" I took Samantha outside again and she rode her tricycle all over the neighborhood while Mommy got in a little exercise as well.  I got my laundry done and my kitchen cleaned too!

So, you're probably wondering why I'm so grumpy today after having such a wonderful know what?  So am I.

I just can't shake it.

I'm even getting free lunch at work today too. 

Perhaps, tomorrow will be a better day!!!!!  In the meantime, I'll share these two pics I took of Samantha reading her book Purplicious to Chocolate Puppy.

Isn't she the cutest thing??  Perhaps looking at her will put me in a better mood...

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  1. Awww thanks for the plug bestie!!!! And for anyone who loves apples and pears, you're gonna love Jumpin' Jelly Bean, March's Scent of the Month, available March 1 -- sorry couldn't resist!!

    Now to get you to smile....hmmm.... ;)