Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I would use this "day of love" to talk about some things that I am LOVING in my life right now!

1.  I LOVE that Owen and I purchased a new mattress on Saturday!!!  We have had our current queen-sized mattress since we got married in 2004.  My dad gave it to us because he and my stepmom were replacing theirs and we do not know how old it is.  You're supposed to replace your mattress about every 10 years; we figure it's WAY overdue.  We purchased it at Ashley Furniture Homestore.  We made the decision to upgrade to a king and I am so excited that I will finally have more room!  It's a Stearns and Foster mattress and it will be delivered to our house tomorrow!

2.  I LOVE my Valentine's gift from Samantha - a tin of Ghirardelli chocolates!  We went to Target yesterday and she picked out this "surprise" for me (even though I paid for it, I acted VERY surprised when she gave it to me; she was so proud of herself!).  Those you that know me KNOW that I am a chocoholic.  This tin contains the dark chocolate raspberry, dark chocolate mint, and milk chocolate caramel squares.  Absolutely divine!!!  Takes me back to our Disney trip and the evening we spent at Downtown Disney...they have a Ghirardelli store!!!!!  I rather loved that place...

3.  I LOVE that my all-time favorite movie was on TV Saturday night!!!  You know, I did not always aspire to be a pharmacist....for my entire high school career I was dead set on going to school for aerospace engineering and eventually working for NASA.  It was only after my first semester in college that I made the drastic decision that engineering was NOT my cup of tea...but to this day, Apollo 13 remains my all-time favorite movie.  I even wrote my senior term paper on it.  I practically have it memorized!

AND...I LOVE that I'm going home shortly to enjoy a nice dinner with my two favorite people:  my hubby and my sweet little girl!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. Happy V Day! Glad you are smiling (at least it sounds like u are from ur post)! I sooooo hate we didn't meet last week. I will email u tomorrow.