Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Makeover - Part I: Master Bathroom (Continued)

Another weekend = another day spent working in our master bathroom!

We returned to Lowe's on Sunday to pick up lights for our walk-in closets and toilet room.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the ones we wanted in a box of two on sale for only $20 - can't pass that up!!!  Take a look:

This is the one in my closet, but the one in Owen's closet and the one in the toilet room are exactly the same.  These new lights hold two bulbs instead of just one like our old ones; it is SO bright in there now!

We also took the plunge and replaced our wall-length mirror with two smaller ones.  We couldn't find anything we liked at Lowe's, so we had to visit a few places and finally found these on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $40 a piece:

We are so pleased with them!!!  Once again, Owen did all the work with his little "helper" by his side.  She just loves to help Daddy!

We decided that before replacing towel bars and adding more decor that we need to paint, so while we were at Lowe's we picked up some paint samples.  We are looking at earthy, neutral tones, just a little darker than the color that is in there now.  This one is the current front runner:

It is called Homestead Ballroom Gold, by Valspar.  Don't you wish you knew how they come up with names for paint??? 

We're hoping to maybe purchase paint and get started on the next step in this massive project this weekend.  Feel free to grab a paintbrush and come give us a hand; we can make a painting party out of it!!!

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