Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Makeover - Part I: Master Bathroom

Owen and I have decided that, given the current state of the housing market and the fact that property values are decreasing due to foreclosures in our neighborhood, we are probably going to be living in our current home for quite some time.  Which doesn't bother us; we have 4 bedrooms (the room above the garage has a closet so is technically considered a bedroom), 3 baths, a spacious living room, separate dining room and eat in kitchen...there's enough room for us and children and the dogs.  BUT - the house is now over 10 years old and is need need of some upgrades if we are going to be there for awhile!!!  We installed a new white, ceramic, deeper kitchen sink back after Samantha was born, complete with new oil-rubbed bronze sink fixtures and a new disposal (this was a NECESSITY!), plus oil-rubbed bronze hardware for our cabinets, but then Owen went back to school and our finances did not allow us to continue with our home improvements.  Now that Owen is back working at Serra and making a decent, steady paycheck, we have decided to pick back up with our home improvements and slowly, do each room in the house.

We decided this past weekend to start with the master bathroom.

I really like our bathroom.  It has french doors connecting to our bedroom, two separate walk-in closets, a jaccuzzi tub, marble shower, and separate toilet room.  We decided a few years back that we would decorate it in browns and reds but currently have very little decor in there.  The paint on the walls is still the neutral tan color that the rest of the house is painted.  We started on Sunday by picking out new lights fixtures to go over our mirror.  I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see how we've upgraded, but I forgot so I found a picture online of what our old fixtures looked like :

BORING, right??  We decided that we really liked the oil-rubbed bronze that we used in the kitchen and since it will look good with just about anything, we decided to use that in the bathroom as well.  There are two fixtures above our mirror, one above each sink.  I couldn't get a good picture with the lights on, and with the lights off the quality still wasn't great but at least you can see the fixture in this picture (along with a nice shot of Owen's messy closet - haha):

You can't see the details in the globes but they are a frosty white marble which I LOVE.  I couldn't get a decent shot of the overhead light but it is a round fixture, also oil-rubbed bronze with the frosty white marble globe.

We wanted to try to keep our purchases for the day under $200 (and we came in right at $203...not bad!) so the only other thing we purchased that day were new hardware for our cabinets and drawers.  Owen picked these out:

At first I wasn't that wild about them but they are kinda growing on me; definitely different.  Owen did all of the installation - he did have some help from Samantha, she'd hold his tools for him.  She loves to be Daddy's helper!

I believe our next purchase will be light fixtures for the closets and toilet room, new towel racks, and perhaps door knobs.  Have you ever priced out door knobs???  They are obnoxiously expensive, and we will need several since we have so many doors in there! 

I will be sure to post pictures as we continue with Home Makeover - Part I; let me know what you think!!!


  1. I love the new lights and the new handles. They are great. Can't wait to see what else you do.

  2. @CarolineThanks! I will try to take some better pictures next time!!