Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Big Girl Room for Samantha

Being a big girl comes with responsibilities and privileges.  We are ALMOST completely potty trained (she only wears a Pull Up at night now and rarely has any accidents during the day), we are slowly but surely getting rid of the God foresaken pacifier, and she's started helping get herself dressed for daycare in the mornings (which is a BIG help to me!).  Since she's doing so well with all of these, and since we're not in a time crunch to move her into her new room, I'd like to start rewarding her by getting her things for what will eventually be her big girl room, which is currently the guest room upstairs in our house.

The NICE thing is- we already have a bed and dresser for the room.  They were Owen's before we got married and they are actually a very nice, dark wood.  We currently have a bedside table with an older lamp on one side of the bed and an ANCIENT table lamp that belonged to someone's grandfather from the 70s on the other side.  That will obviously have to go, and I'd like to replace the lamp on the bedside table also, in addition to painting the room and getting her a complete bedding set (she's currently in a toddler bed and the bed in her new room is a full, which just gives me an excuse to go shopping!).

We had talked about the idea of doing a Disney Princess room, but...I'm about Disney Princess-ed out.  I vetoed Dora also.  I still want something girly and fun though, and it needs to have some pink in it too or Samantha just won't have it.  I was thinking something pink and brown.  Owen talked about putting a chair rail molding in that room and we could paint the top half of the room pink and the bottom half brown.  I found a set I LOVED at Pottery Barn Kids but it is now MIA from their was pink and brown and had ballerinas on it--PERFECT!  You can see them in this picture here:

Isn't this THE cutest thing??  This is the Hannah quilt and sham, which you can still purchase, but the sheets are nowhere to be found :(

I found this one on Amazon, I like it but I'm just concerned that if we go with the pink/brown room paint as described above, it might not look right...

Any input/suggestions/comments are appreciated!!!  Samantha is a special girl and she needs a special big girl room!!!!!