Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Stress!

I am one of THE most Type A people that I know.  I hate to put off until the last minute, I plan and plan and plan ahead as much as I can...but no matter how hard I have tried, Christmas has snuck up on me this year.  Now, to give myself a little credit-we did have some major set backs this holiday season and work has been rather demanding of me, including having to work this past weekend...but, needless to say, Christmas is in 5 days and I am not done shopping and have not even begun to wrap what we do have.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! (with hands on my cheeks in true McCauley Culkin fashion)

There are a few other things I would like to get for Samantha, but if I don't get anything else for her except stocking stuffers, she will still have an excellent Christmas.  Santa is bringing her a Disney Princess Toyota FJ Cruiser Power Wheel....OMG she is going to love it.  But you would NOT believe what I went through to get it!!!!!

Picture this scene---it's Friday, and I'm off work since I have to work Saturday.  I go have a manicure (nice!), go eat lunch with the hubbster, then I'm off to WalMart to make the big purchase.  I go in and locate the prize, only to be evacuated from the store before I can check out due to a gas leak.  I proceeded to jump in my car and drive about 20 minutes up the road to another WalMart, get said item in my cart (which was NOT an easy feat I might add, that damn thing is HEAVY!), check out, and go to load it into my car only to find out it doesn't fit...SIGH!!!!!  Thankfully, my mother in law came to the rescue and put it in her car, leaving me to go pick up Sam and barely get her to her dance party on time.  Whew, that day wore me out!!!  But the look on her face when she sees this thing Christmas morning is going to be worth every bead of sweat and every curse word I said during the whole thing on Friday!!!

Here's me with my cutie pie on Saturday, playing in her playroom:

Just love her sooo much!!!

I still haven't purchased anything for my poor husband.  He's tops on my priority list this week!!!!!

We had Christmas with our goddaughter, Abby, and her mom (and our good friend) Andi yesterday, since Abby will be with her dad from midday Christmas until the New Year.  Abby loved her lady bug Pillow Pet.  Here is what they gave ME for Christmas:

Isn't this beautiful???  It's a necklace for my three children--Samantha, of course, and then a birthstone for both of my angel babies.  I thought it was a great gift; and I, of course, cried when I opened it.  Definitely one of the best gifts I could have hoped for.

In case this week gets too hectic, I'd like to just say Merry Christmas to everyone; I hope you have a great holiday and remember the reason for the season!!!!!

Love you!

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