Saturday, November 13, 2010

Overdue update!

Well, November is finally upon us!  Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  Obviously, the end of October/beginning of November are a busy time in the Smith household, with Halloween and Samantha's birthday.  Yes, my baby girl is now 3 years old.  I cannot believe what a beautiful little girl she has become!  Here is a picture of her wearing her "This Little Monkey is going to be a Big Siser" t-shirt:

Is she not the cutest thing ever?  She is SO ready to be a big sister.  She asks me every day if she can say hi to the baby, and when I lift my shirt to reveal my already expanding belly, she says "hi baby" and gives it a kiss.  It's so stinkin' sweet that I almost cry every time!

She had the BEST time at her birthday party.  It was held last Sunday at our house; the theme:  Pinkalicious.  For those of you with kids, or even without, you need to read this book.  It's really cute.  Or, come to our house and Samantha will "read" it to you because she has it memorized.  Long story short:  this little girl eats a bunch of pink cupcakes until she actually turns pink.  Pink just happens to be Samantha's FAVORITE color, and when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, here's the reply I got:  "A pink party, with pink balloons, pink party hats, and pink goodie bags."  Well, we had just that (minus the hats because no one wears them anyways).  We rented a moonbounce that was set up at our house by 9:30am that morning.  Her party wasn't until 2pm but the company gave it to us for the whole day at the 4 hour rate (yay for Playland Moon Bounce, they rock!).  You can imagine, having a moon bounce to yourself in your own backyard when you are 3 has its perks.  She and her daddy bounced and bounced for almost an hour before lunch, she had the best time.  And the party hadn't even started!  We had pink cupcakes (of course), and several of her friends from school came, and the weather was great.  She got so many presents and loved all of them.  She wanted to do it again the next day.  Uhm...Mommy needs to recoop!

No bouncing in the moon bounce for me and lil' peanut, of course.  We are still hanging in there!  I went to the doctor on November 2nd and everything is going great so far, growing right on schedule.  I go back on the 23rd and I can only pray that we continue to receive good news!

Here's the latest baby update:
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 10 weeks
Size of baby: 1.2 inches, or the size of a prune
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Officially 5lb at my last doctor's visit (ugh!  To give myself a little bit of credit, it was in the afternoon, after lunch, fully clothed, and I had to pee)
Maternity Clothes: Some pants, haven't really broken out the shirts just yet
Gender:  We'll find out in January!
Movement:  None yet
Sleep:  I could use a little more; I've started having hip pain that's waking me up usually once a night.  I remember having the same with Samantha. 
Symptoms:  Thankfully some of my symptoms are being better controlled these days, thanks to my snacking almost every hour and the good Zofran from the doctor!  Still some breast tenderness and definitely excessive fatigue. 
What I miss: These days I am missing exercise.  It gave me energy and would keep my weight in check, but it's a no go until the separation has closed.
Cravings: Anything that won't make me nauseous, which is apparently not a lot...mostly salty, not really sweets
Best Moment this week: Seeing Samantha talk to the baby and giving it a kiss!
What I am looking forward to:  Meeting him/her in June
Dr. Updates:  No bleeding and uterus was measuring the right size at my 8 week visit.  Hopefully all will be well when I go in at 11 weeks.
Prayer Requests:  Continue to pray that the separation will close and completely heal
Praises:  I just need to continue to praise Him and thank Him for this second chance he has blessed us with, and for the baby being ok so far.

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