Monday, October 4, 2010

What a Weekend!

Wow, why are weekends ONLY 2 days long?

I have WAY too much to do in a 48 hour time span!

Now that Samantha is getting older we have entered the realm of children's birthday parties...and this weekend was no different.  Her friend Taylor from daycare turned 3 so Saturday afternoon (after a nap thank goodness, for Samantha AND Mommy) we were off to Princess Taylor's 3rd Princess Birthday Party, complete with a cookout with all the trimmings, cupcakes, a moon bounce, and Princess Tiana from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog (which is also a favorite at our house). 

I went on Thursday afternoon to Target (my favorite store) to get a gift to take, and I asked Samantha what she wanted to get Taylor for her birthday...and, of course, she wanted to get her a Barbie.  Come Saturday Samantha had to carry the gift bag and she handed it to Taylor's mom and said "I got Taylor a Barbie, it's in this bag."  I'm just glad she didn't tell Taylor that, talk about giving away a surprise, can't tell that kid anything!!!

Saturday night we went to Kohl's after the party because Owen wanted a new pair of tennis shoes (and I don't mind because his others STINK; yes, I will tell him that to his face too), so afterwards we ran to Chick Fil A for dinner before taking Samantha to the "scary store."

What is the scary store, you ask?  It's a big giant abandoned store in the Wolfchase Mall area that is converted to a giant Halloween store around the holiday.  And there's "scaries" in the windows, hence, it is the scary store.  And Samantha's not scared, not one bit; she LOVES this stuff!  We had to walk around the entire thing.  I figured we were just looking but I actually found her a basket for her Halloween costume.  It is too stinkin' cute-she's going to be Dorothy, and it has a dog (Toto) in it and you can stick the candy inside.  She loved it.

Yesterday, we went to church and then Samantha and I enjoyed a nap on the couch (yes, another one) before we went out to dinner for my sister's birthday.  Can NOT believe my sister is 23 years old!!!  She wanted to go to Olive Garden (I told her she was crazy to attempt that place on a Sunday night) but they now have call ahead seating so we got there and sat right down.  The food was really good, Samantha ate well, and best of all-she behaved!!!  So proud of her!!!

And she slept like a champ all weekend so Mommy got some much needed rest!

Yes, I've slept alot this sue me; I'm tired :)

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