Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Happy Place

I decided this morning that with the looming HPT on Saturday that will surely consume my thoughts the ENTIRE week, I would write a little bit each day about something else to try to get my mind off of it.

Today's topic:  My Happy Place

Where is my happy place you ask?

It's the most magical place in the whole world:  Walt Disney World!!

I can NOT wait to go back.  We went this past March with Samantha and had THE best time.  And we did it up BIG; stayed on site, character dining...you name it.  I had to save for several months but it was completely worth it and I cannot wait to start planning another trip.  Samantha still talks a lot about eating with the princesses (which was the Once Upon A Time breakfast at Cinderella's castle; one of our favorites the entire trip!).  Here's a picture of me and my sweet girl with Belle, who just happens to be my favorite princess.

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which is a moderate resort but very nice for the price.  However, after walking through the rain for 2 straight days I have decided that the next time we go we will be staying at the Polynesian Resort, which is in the Magic Kingdom area and has monorail access.  Doesn't this look NICE???

The Polynesian resort is home to Ohana's (Ohana means "family"), which is where the Best Friends Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch was held.  We ate there Tuesday morning of our trip and the early wake-up call was SO worth it!  One of the best meals we had there, hands down.  You can also eat dinner there, and all of the meals are served family style (get it?  Ohana?).  I hear it's delicious, and the resort was beautiful (well, the parts I saw anyways).  I've already started saving up so that we can afford to stay there next trip-it's considered a deluxe resort so a bit more pricey than the Caribbean Beach.

I could write a book about our trip to Disney.  They pride themselves on their customer service and I gotta hand it to them, everyone there was so nice, friendly, and welcoming.  No wonder folks spend so much money to go on vacation there!

I'm sure once we set a date for our next trip I will share all the planning details!

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  1. Yay! You're blogging! Sending you good juju for that HPT :)